Forever miffed Tom Baker didn’t have a shot at Dumbledore.

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The Booth Theatre is one of the few theaters in the heart of Manhattan that still uses the old school light up letters to advertise which play its housing. Right now it’s The Glass Menagerie. That’s beside the point.

My point is the letters. 

For whatever reason, the letters seem to be kept on the roof of the Schoenfeld Theatre. I say this because I can see them out my office window. 

Anyway, the letters were all scrambled when I started working at VH1. They looked like alphabetic debris.

Then during the summer, someone organized them in alphabetical order.

Then, at some point this week, someone went up on the roof and arranged the letters to write, "The play’s the thing wherein I’ll catch the conscience of the king."

And I don’t know, maybe it’s because there’s never been a message before, and maybe because I’m in the middle of researching a Shakespeare-related project, but discovering this message was the most thrilling part of my day.

And I need to know who snuck up and spelled it out. 


This season of X Factor US really blows so far, but the rumor is that Simon Cowell is finally putting together a country boy band. This is kind of weird only because I thought that should have been his goal last year, but whatever. And anyway, I’m skeptical of the entire show this year, but having reviewed the auditions of two of the guys who are reportedly in this boy band (and seen that, oh, yes, they are sexy in that “American, corn fed, let’s shoot some whiskey, chomp on BBQ and get busy in the back of a pick up” way) and listened to the YouTube tracks from the third (who has the best voice of the three), I just want to say to this idea:

Some of you are shuddering internally, but I’m sorry. Leave a metropolitan area and turn on the radio. Country’s crossed over, and it’s not (always) bad! Give me three virile studs singing about the moonlight. Also, if they get to the live shows and do country fried versions of “Best Song Ever*” and/or “I Knew You Were Trouble**,” I will give them all my money, and by money, I mean “measured enthusiasm.”

But of course, this season blows, so they’ll probably not be able to harmonize and they’ll make poor song choices, and the golden age of the singing competition show is over and blah blah blah…I should get a life.

*It’s frightening to listen back to this song and hear how easily it would fit a more country arrangement.

**It’s also amazing to imagine three deep-throated American boys sing the “Trouble” chorus with a admonishing twang.

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Everyday was “Speak Like A Pirate Day” for William Shakespeare.


Finally started reading J.K. Rowling’s mystery novel yesterday.

For the prologue, I have to admit, I was very much like this:

And then she introduced the detective and his assistant and it started to feel very much like a detective story in the vein of Sherlock and it started to read very much more like if the person who wrote Harry Potter did just write a book for adults and now I’m all:

And now I have to get through work today so I can keep reading this sweet, sweet, literary crack.


Happy Birthday, Lois Lane!

Nerd Time (As Usual): Superman—a being from another world who seeks to represent and be the best that humanity can be—doesn’t go for the model chick or the rich girl or the perfect assistant or the Mary Sue. He goes for the sometimes annoying, attractive but not “knock out” gorgeous, always curious, completely intrepid, too sassy for her own good, always striving, absolutely ambitious, oftentimes slapstick, independent lady…because that’s supposed to be the ideal—in Clark Kent’s mind—of what a woman should be.

Swallow that for a moment.

Just nerding out.

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Yo! Americans! We can listen to this! Episode 1 is up for 5 more days and Episode 2 for 6! 

(I discovered this googling the actors in The White Queen. Amanda Hale, who plays Margaret Beaufort, is Elinor, and Ben Lamb, who plays Anthony Rivers, is Willoughby)



Rare Harry Potter Illustrations From The Book’s Artist.


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I just plopped.  I don’t really know what that made-up word means, but I’m pretty sure it applies here. 


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Regarding Winston Churchill’s…er…conception

There are rumors too that he was conceived before his parents were married, right

Yeah. He was born eight months (some sources say seven?? I’m too lazy to do math) after the wedding. At the time, they said he was premature, but given her later sexual escapades (she really liked sex, okay?) people think the relationship was consummated before the wedding. Both of his parents seem pretty liberal sexually. Lord Randolph Churchill was totally okay with Jennie having affairs with Dukes and Princes and Kings because it helped  him politically. It’s also theorized that he had contracted syphilis shortly after Winston’s birth and so there’s a rumor that he cut off marital “relations” with Jennie and was fine with her getting hers elsewhere. Most people believe Winston’s brother Jack was the product of one of Jennie’s many affairs.

Some people still say Winston Churchill was premature. By and large, no historian doubts that Winston Churchill was legitimate. I mean, I’m sure there are a couple who think so, but it’s not really in question the same way his brother’s paternity is. It’s just a matter of whether he was conceived before or after the marriage.

When people gave Winston IRL shit about it, he is known to have remarked, "Although present on the occasion, I have no clear recollection of the events leading up to it."

The Jennie Jerome wiki has a decent account of this. The syphilis story is from my mom, who read this massive biography on her, and if you check out Lord Randolph’s page it comes up, but there’s no definitive proof because no one back then would keep such records about someone that high ranking.