Erin McKenna talks to Sloane Crosley on HelloGiggles

  • Sloane: For most of the young women I meet, laziness is really not the issue. The younger women who come to my readings are smart and so funny and put-together and frighteningly ambitious...But the flip side of that is that want everything to be perfect out of the gate. I believe they paralyze themselves with this fear. That’s what Jenny [Egan] was saying. Basically: get over yourself, have a little faith in your own talent, do something new that only you can and produce above all.
  • Erin: I love that. Fear, perfectionism and unwillingness to make mistakes only lead to avoidance or failure. You have to know that each time you screw up, you’re just that much closer to your victory. Man, when I started baking, everything was naaaasty and I was often on the floor crying! But instead of laying there in a tear fest, I’d visualize the bakery, breathe in that joy and pick myself up and start over.