Look, I adore both of these ladies because they’re both talented, opinionated women who speak their minds—and they make great, catchy pop songs. Do I always agree with everything either of them say? No. FUCK NO! Because they speak for themselves and not for all women. If any one single woman spoke for all women and got everything right all the time, she wouldn’t be a human being. Also, no one single woman can speak for or make art for all women because we aren’t all alike. We’re individuals. Expecting one person to speak for all disenfranchises the rest of us. We all have our own opinions and prerogatives and experiences and none of us speak for all of us. Blah blah blah…come at me bros.

Anyway, this twitter exchange is lovely and amazing and I’m excited that two strong individuals can respect each other in a space that more often than not is reduced to a screaming chamber.