sarahisalright said: Is your piece on Jessica Chastain supposed to be funny, or just catty and mean spirited? I had come to expect more from you. As a feminist shouldn't you be upholding fellow women? You don't have to be mean to be funny.


It was supposed to be an analysis of how her team has mismanaged a very talented and seemingly lovely actress. Seriously. Her team has caused the ripples between her and Lawrence, mired her age and chosen to send out a confused message…which frankly…leaves me confused. I think she’s enormously talented, but can she be a movie star? I’m not sure.

Also, to your point about how feminism is supposed to “uphold other women”. Yeah. It should. It should uphold us to the same standards that we hold men.

Men are allowed to be critical of other men without them being traitors to their gender. Men are allowed to make jokes at other men’s expenses. Are you saying that as a woman I shouldn’t point out flaws in other women? But I can challenge men? If this had been a think piece on how John Mayer portrays himself as a douche—but who I understand in person is lovely and he is, like Chastain, talented—would you also call me “catty”? Or is that fine? 

These are just questions I’m asking. I don’t know the answers.

Also, I work now as a celebrity and pop culture blogger. That is my job. My job is to report upon and have opinions on celebrities as BRANDS. So, expect more criticism of women whose BRANDS I have issues with. I consider it anti-feminist to only criticize men and not women. 

But thanks for expecting “more from me”.