Twist Ending

Last night I went to a storytelling mic I had never been to before and at the end of the show, the host told a second story because there wasn’t enough time for another person to get up, but I guess there was enough time for the host to have two stories.

Anyway, this guy told the story of how he learned about September 11. It was your typical “someone told me and I was confused and then shocked” story,┬ábut then he offered up this amazing twist ending I didn’t see coming.

He said that a few weeks later, life went back to normal and he forgot it ever happened and that it made him realize that no matter what scary thing happens in the world it doesn’t affect you. There’s no trickle down effect. So long as you didn’t personally know someone who was directly involved and/or killed, that there are absolutely no ripples or reverberations on your life on the smallest of things such as how much gas costs or upon the largest of things such as what civil liberties you enjoy or don’t. So, no matter how bad things get, it doesn’t matter to pay attention to it so long as you directly aren’t involved. Which, I have to admit, as a storyteller, is A FUCKING TWIST ENDING I WAS NOT ANTICIPATING.

My only reaction to this stunning turn of events was to turn to my friend beside me and whisper sarcastically, “So, is he trying to say he never has to go through TSA when he goes to the airports?”

"I think so. Yeah. I think so."

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