About Me

Me cutting a rug with some dudes at a wedding. Photo courtesy Shawn Lynch.


In case you haven’t gathered, my name is Meghan O’Keefe. I am a lady living in New York City who writes and performs comedy. 

To see what I’ve written that’s shown up elsewhere on the internets visit Classy Links To Everything I’ve Written Online. To find out when you can see me perform live visit Show Schedule. To see low quality videos of my performances visit my youtube channel. To read musings that come in 140 characters or less follow me on twitter. To invite me to amazing karaoke parties or to inquire about articles or bookings email me at megsokay@gmail.com.

Pretty simple, huh?

And I haven’t even gotten to the part where my siblings are all at least 14 years older than me, I spent my childhood wanting to be in Star Wars, or how I used to sell soap to Europeans in Covent Garden.